The Resolution of the Board of Directors of ANVISA (Brazilian Health Agency) no. 17 of May, 2015 defines the criteria and the procedures for the importation of cannabidiol-based products in association with other cannabinoids by individuals with a medical prescription for a health treatment.

Brazil’s Federal Medical Board also authorizes the compassionate use of cannabidiol-rich extracts for the treatment of seizures on children and teenagers that suffer from difficult-to-control epilepsy. In Brazil, neurologists, neurosurgeons and psychiatrists are authorized by law to prescribe cannabidiol extracts. However, patients must fit the criteria of indication and contraindication. Prescriptions may be issued due to the child or the teenager’s resistance to conventional treatments according to the definition proposed by the International League Against Epilepsy (ILAE).

The protocol for the use of cannabidiol also states that it must be used in addition to the medication that the patient has been previously taking. This means that patients mustn’t completely substitute their former medication for cannabidiol: it must be administered in association with them. Your physician can adjust the prescription and increase the dose, but always following the parameters stated in the following ruling: Resolução CFM nº 2.113/14.Authorized prescriptions.

The benefits of using compounds extracted from Cannabis have been confirmed for the treatment of chronic pain, nausea and vomiting, and for treating some symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Many clinical trials and observational studies show their effectiveness in the control of epileptic seizures.

Few clinical trials for the registration of Cannabis-derived medicines have been conducted, but research on the field is rapidly increasing due to the promising results shown by pre-clinical trials, and due to a growing interest on the endocannabinoid system by the scientific community.

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