Caio Santos Abreu

Board Member – CEO

Caio holds a BA in law at Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro. He worked as an associate in some of major Brazilian law firms, including Souza Cescon, Barrieu e Flesch Advogados and Tozzini Freire Advogados. In 2008 he started Santos Abreu Advogados, a boutique law firm providing high standard and personalized services on corporate law and capital markets. With the 2014-15 authorization of the medical use of cannabis for epilepsy in Brazil, Caio decided to fully dedicate himself to the Entourage project, hiring a team of scientists, analysts and service providers to startup Entourage and Bedrocan Brasil.

Bruce Linton

– Board Member

Bruce is the co-founder of Canopy Growth Corporation and co-founder of Tweed Marijuana Inc. In addition to his current position at Canopy Growth, Bruce is the CEO of communications company Martello Technologies. After beginning his career at Newbridge Networks Corporation, he has since held positions that include General Manager and Re-Founder of, President and Co-Founder of webHancer Corp, and part of the establishing team at CrossKeys Systems Corporation. Bruce currently sits as Canada’s representative on the World Bank’s Water Sanitation Program.

Marc Wayne

– Board Member

Marc is the President of Bedrocan Canada Inc. He is also the Board Chairman for the Canadian Medicinal Cannabis Industry Association (CMCIA) – the preeminent membership for licensed producers and applicants in Canada. Formerly the Director of Business Development for the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids (CCIC), a leading organization of scientists and healthcare professionals established to promote evidenced based research and medical education concerning the therapeutic application of cannabis and cannabinoid-based medicines.

Marcelo Galvão

– Board Member

Marcelo has a broad experience in financial markets and worked at Wachovia Securities, as an accredited advisor and broker in private banking, as investment banking officer at Banco Pactual and at PWC, as tax auditing consultant. As entrepreneur, Marcelo has developed businesses on direct marketing, technology and real estate. Currently, he is also investor of a technology company that offer solutions for the public sector in the tax collection and auditing field. Marcelo has a degree in Economics (Universidade de São Paulo – USP) and Law (at Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo – PUC-SP).

Dr. Fabrício A. Pamplona

– Chief Scientific Officer

Graduation in Pharmacy at the Santa Catarina Federal University (2003), with Master (2006) and Doctoral (2010) Degrees in Pharmacology received by the same university. Main research topics include Psychopharmacology, Neural plasticity and the endocannabinoid system. Currently, he is a guest researcher at the D’OR Institute (IDOR), dedicated to translational and clinical research; and founder of the tech start-up Mind the Graph. He worked as Guest Researcher at Max Planck institute for Psychiatry (Munich, Germany).

All in all, he worked for 14 years with phytocannabinoids, endocannabinoids, and its potential therapeutic applications, participating as speaker in important meetings like Gordon Research Conference and the International Cannabinoid Research Society. Dr. Pamplona is currently our Scientific Advisor for research strategy and product development in the Psychiatry/Neurology field. His recent PNAS publication describing the discovery of the first endogenous allosteric modulator of CB1 cannabinoid receptors (attached) was highlighted by Nature Reviews Drug Discovery as “a potential novel therapeutic opportunity in the endocannabinoid system”.

Alexandre Frederico

– Chief Medical Officer

Alexandre graduated in medicine, having specialized in Gynecology and Obstetrics with focus on high risk pre-birth conditions. His lengthy experience in the pharmaceutical industry, providing consulting services to a large number of Brazilian and international pharmaceutical companies, and having worked on over 100 clinical studies in the last ten years, Alexandre has developed Grupo LAL is one of Brazil’s leading clinical trials companies.

He is today CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer) and CMO (Chief Medical Officer) of Grupo LAL.

Ilio Montanari Junior

– Cultivation Advisor

Ilio graduated in agronomy at Superior School of Agriculture Luiz de Queiroz in 1985. He coursed his specialization in cultivation of medicinal plants at the Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen, in German 1993. He also coursed his master’s degree in Plant Breeding at the Agronomic Institute of Campinas in 2005, and ended his PhD in Genetic Breeding of Horticultural Plants at University of São Paulo State in 2011.

Since 1992 is researcher at the Multidisciplinary Research Center for Chemistry, Biology and Agriculture at the State University of Campinas (CPQBA). He has vastly experience in Agronomy, with emphasis in Plant Breeding, acting on the following topics: cultivation of medicinal plants, domestication and breeding of native medicinal plants. He brings all the necessary expertise in Cultivation Process.


ETG is a brand belonging to the ENTOURAGE group, dedicated to the development of new cannabidiol based medicines. Its primary focus is the design of a phytocannabinoids-based drug for the treatment of refractory epilepsy.

The company has been developing the research and medicines with partnerships in Brazil, Canada and USA.

After completing the extraction and formulation process, the company shall perform the clinical trials required for the registration of this new medicine under the brand name ETG.